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9 fév 2022 à 15:56 The sandwiches were good, but they were 45 minutes late, and one sandwich was missing.
10 jan 2022 à 14:33 Unfortunately, lately all sandwiches are received cold. It is the 5th or the 6th time I have this issue.
26 déc 2021 à 0:37 Took so much time
21 aoû 2021 à 20:49 Delicious sandwich viande, less so for the soujouk and lack of salt in sandwich fromage
23 jun 2021 à 21:42 It was really cold! Usually they deliver it hot
13 mar 2021 à 13:53 3 sandwiches ordered without vegetables all came with. I had to open them all to figure out which one was which. It would help to write down the type of sandwich on the wrapping. Small gestures made with care make a huge difference to your customers.
23 nov 2020 à 14:38 I order 12 sandwiches and I received 2 only while I paid for the 12, and when I checked with the restaurant they said they just received order for 2 sandwiches from the app, after reaching the support team in the app they sent the right order but late .